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Key dates 

1883 :

Founding of Papeteries J.B. WEIBEL. At the time paper was produced from wood. The site would be the first in France to manufacture paper by extracting the cellulose by the procedure using calcium bisulphite. Several paper machines and hundreds of employees would work at Novillars. In collaboration with Count Hilaire of Chardonnet, inventor of pulp-based artificial silk (also called viscose or rayon), development of the site associated with the Prés de Caux, the Chardonnet silk company founded in 1889, which later became La Rohdiaceta, today a brownfield site that Besançon city council is planning to redevelop.

1952 :

Takeover by CENPA, which in 1960 became "la Rochette CENPA". The site became the specialist in sulfphurised paper for the packaging of greasy foodstuffs (butter, ham, etc.). The advent of plastic packaging led to the decline of this activity during the 1980s. In 1982 the company became S.I.P.N. (Société Industrielle et Papetière de Novillars), then the site was taken over by NOVIPAP in 1987.

1989 :

Founding of the Papeterie du Doubs paper mill by the Cartonneries Associées (Associated Box Makers) (OTOR Group). The site became one of this consolidated group's paper mills. Transformation of the existing machine to produce C.B.P. (Corrugated Base Paper), paper recycled from packaging paper and cardboard (circular economy).

2004 :

Prize Winner: 2 regional prizes awarded by the Mouvement Français de la Qualité.

2005 :

The company became a Bird Sanctuary approved by the L.P.O. (Society for the Protection of Birds).

2009 :

The transfer of the OTOR group by its major shareholder led to the separation of the various box plants and paper mills.The Novillars site was taken over by Mr Soenen who also had a box plant in Belgium.

2012 :

Soenen retires: bankruptcy petition and judicial liquidation..

2013 :

Founding of the company GEMDOUBS S.A.S. by Messrs Fady and Nabil Gemayel, takeover of the site; restarting of industrial operation.

2014 :

FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council ®) FSC-C121185 Certification.
ISEGA Food-Grade Certification.

2015 :

Production of 80,000 tons of recycled paper. 
Prix Trophée des Entreprises de Franche-Comté 2015 (prize winner),"Economic hopes" category. 
ISO 9001 Quality Certification.
ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.

2017 :

Gemdoubs obtained in September 2017 a new certification: ISO 50001. This certification means that Gemdoubs is taking steps to limit and optimize the use of energy and thus limit its impact on the environment.

Early 2019 :

Official launch of the CBN biomass cogeneration plant, which supplies steam to the paper mill.