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An L.P.O. approved paper mill and refuge, Gemdoubs is a green company and has obtained several ecological labels.

It is thus a very rare case of an industrial site that is also classified as a bird sanctuary approved by the L.P.O. (Society for the Protection of Birds) due to its "green" lagooning system and meadows that are only cut once a year and are thus visited by a number of different bird species.

Following its restart, the environmental management system is certified ISO 14001 : 2015 on December 15, 2015.




Approximately 3% of the water used in the manufacturing chain is discharged. It is treated in a green manner in a lagooning system complete with a rhizosphere that filters the last effluents through the roots of aquatic plants. 

This assembly is installed on the old navigation channel used in the last century to transport wood and pulp, parallel to the Doubs and to the Nantes-Budapest cycle path that runs along it.

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